This months activities in the WichLab were all influenced by the christmas theme in one or the other way. Kicking of the month of Glühwein, cookies and presents, Peter plays “Secret Santa” and installs a christmas tree in lab:


The “Nerd Cookie Contest” was the highlight of the department christmas party. The winner “The Cell” is shown in the top left corner:


Denise explored the bright light of show business and answered the question “Can you start a fire with a drop of water?” in an episode of Galileo (Pro 7). In an exciting experiment she showed that water can indeed initiate a highly exothermic reaction that ignites a mixture of ammonium nitrate and zinc (the actual experiment starts at 11:15 min in the video)


Matthias plays elf-like around with some pink explosive powder in an effort to make some christmas presents appear magically.


We are concluding this month with the obligatory visit of the Mainzer Weihnachtsmarkt with some Glühwein. The WichLab is wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a good start into the New Year!


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