Peter investigates as part of the “E-Busters Team” the difference of artificial and natural food colors, what kind of methods the industry has to trick us and if food colors are really bad for us.

Videoclip: E-Busters decken auf – Farbstoffe in unseren Lebensmitteln – Galileo Pro 7

video lebensmittelfarbstoffe galileo e-busters pro7 wichlab


In the second video Peter explains for the SAT.1 TV show Planetopia why we have different hair color (blonde, red, and black), what that has to do with the color pigments eumelanin and pheomelanin in the hair root and why we get gray hair when we are getting older.

Videoclip: Planetopia – Warum haben wir unterschiedliche Haarfarben?


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