"stay hungry, stay foolish"

Chemistry Show Experiments

Back in 2001, during his chemistry undergrad studies, Peter started the work on Experimentalchemie.de, presenting each month a new and exciting chemistry show experiment. Though he didn’t added for a while new experiments, the ones online are still fascinating and are a perfect example of how exciting chemistry can be! In addition, a small online shop on Experimentalchemie.de offers a variety of chemistry related teaching and “edutainment” materials to be explored by every chemistry enthusiast.

Up to today Experimentalchemie.de receives regular care and updates and is still one of the largest and most successful internet portal for chemical experiments, demonstrations and teaching resources in the German speaking area with so far more then 10 million individual visitors (as of July 2022). The website received several awards as well as reports in television and printed media, e.g.: 3sat nano, ZDF, NBC Giga, FAZ, c’t and the P.M.-Magazine.