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  • Peter R. Wich

    Team Leader

    Peter is by training an organic chemist, with expertise in supramolecular and macromolecular chemistry. He is fascinated by nature’s solutions for complex molecular systems and works now on the development of dynamic and bio-inspired nanomaterials.
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  • Elena Steiert

    PhD Student

    Elena studied Biomedicinal Chemistry at the University of Mainz and an expert for protein-based nano materials, which she is evaluating for the delivery of biotherapeutics. (Master of Science – Biomedicinal Chemistry)

  • Matthias Konhäuser

    PhD Student

    Matthias studied Biomedicinal Chemistry at the University of Mainz and is working on his Ph.D. in our group. His focus is on the development of sugar-based nanoparticles for various therapeutic applications (Master of Science – Biomedicinal Chemistry)

  • Ziqing Wang

    PhD student

    Ziqing graduated with a degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the University of Sydney. She is an expert for catalytic systems and works on enzyme-based nanomaterials. Ziqing is a huge fan of Japanese culture and loves dogs. (Bachelor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)

  • Jonas Kaltbeitzel

    PhD student

    Jonas studied Biomedicinal Chemistry at the University of Mainz (Germany) and has a strong background in biopolymers and organic chemistry. Combining these skills, he is now working on new protein-based nanoparticles. (Master of Science – Biomedicinal Chemistry)

  • Vinod Kannaujiya

    PhD student

    Vinod graduated with a Masters degree in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Bhopal in India. In his PhD project, he is now applying his passion for organic and bio-inspired chemistry for the development of dynamic polysaccharide-based nanomaterials. Vinod is an avid cricket player and enjoys listening to Bollywood music in his free time. (BS-MS Dual Degree in Chemistry)

  • Therese Steudter

    Research Exchange Student

    Therese is studying Biomedicinal Chemistry at the University of Mainz (Germany) and is now working as Research Exchange Student in our group for 6 months. She is developing polysaccharide-based polymers for the formation of dynamic nanomaterials. (Student of Biomedicinal Chemistry)

  • Nawal Thaher

    Research Exchange Student

    Nawal is studying Pharmacy at the University of Mainz (Germany) and is now working as an exchange student on a research project about polysaccharide-based nanomaterials in our group. (Student of Pharmacy)

  • Sophia Heuser

    Research Practicant (PJ)

    Sophia is studying Pharmacy at the University of Mainz (Germany) and is now working on her PJ (Praktisches Jahr / practical year) research project in our group. Sophia is developing protein-hybrid nanomaterials (Student of Pharmacy)

  • Interested to join the team?

    → Postdoc, PhD, Master/Honours, Bachelor, Internship

    We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated new team members who enjoy science and are excited about challenges.
    More information about open positions and the application process can be found here. Interested students are welcome to get in touch with us via email or the contact form.

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Peter R. Wich – Curriculum vitae

Dr. Peter R. Wich Chemie Professor Uni Mainz

Peter R. Wich is a Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales in Sydney (Australia) – School of Chemical Engineering. He received his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Würzburg (Germany) in the group of Prof. Carsten Schmuck, and was a Feodor Lynen research fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Jean M.J. Fréchet at the University of California Berkeley (USA). From 2012-2018 Peter worked as Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessor, W1) of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Mainz (Germany) –  Institute of Pharmacy and Biochemistry. His primary research interests are in the fields of bioorganic chemistry and the interface between nanotechnology and biomolecular materials. Currently, his work focuses on the development of dynamic biomaterials in form of multifunctional and biocompatible polymer platforms for the delivery of therapeutic drugs and applications in catalysis.

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” – Steve Jobs

Peter received a PhD fellowship by the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes) (2006-2008) and was granted a Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for his postdoctoral research (2010-2011). He also received high honors during his undergraduate studies (Diploma, 2005) and his graduate work (PhD, 2009) where he received both times the Faculty Award of the Chemistry Department of the University of Würzburg. Amongst several awards for the best presentations at international conferences he was awarded the 2010 Reaxys PhD Prize (Runner-Up) and the 2010 IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists (Honorable Mention Award) for his work on multifunctional oligopeptides as an artificial toolkit for molecular recognition events. In 2014 Peter was awarded with the Innovation Prize in Medicinal/Pharmaceutical Chemistry (GDCh/DPhG) for his work on innovative bioinspired nanomaterials. Since 2016 he is an elected member of the Academy of Sciences and Literature|Mainz (Junge Akademie). In 2017 Peter received the Galenus Technology Prize, a biennial award for innovative achievements in the field of Pharmaceutical Technology. (full CV – pdf)

Education / Research Experience

2018–   Senior Lecturer, School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW Sydney
2012–2018   Assistant Professor (W1), Institute of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Univ. Mainz
2010–2012   Postdoctoral Research, Dept. of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley
2005–2009   Doctoral Research, Dept. of Organic Chemistry, University of Würzburg
2005/2006   Research Assistant, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UC San Diego
2004–2005   Diploma Research, Dept. of Organic Chemistry, University of Würzburg
2003   Research Assistant, Dept. of Organic Chemistry, Heriot Watt Univ. Edinburgh
2002   Research Assistant, Inst. of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Würzburg

Awards and Scholarships (selection)

2020   Polymer Chemistry Emerging Investigator
2019   IUPAC Periodic Table of Younger Chemists (Roentgenium 111)
2019   Soft Matter Emerging Investigator
2017   Literature Prize for Textbook “Organische Chemie – Beyer/Walter” (FCI)
2017   Galenus Technology Prize (Galenus-Privatstiftung, Vienna)
2016   Member of the “Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz”
2016   MedChemComm ‘New Talent: Europe’
2014   Innovation Prize in Medicinal/Pharmaceutical Chemistry (GDCh/DPhG)
2012   Award of the “Emil und Paul Müller-Gedächtnisstiftung”
2010–2012   Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation)
2010   Dr. Luis Moroder Award (Excellent Stone Award)
2010   Reaxys PhD Prize (Runner-Up)
2010   IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists (Honorable Mention Award)
2010   Award of the “Unterfränkische Gedenkjahrstiftung für Wissenschaft”
2009/2010   Faculty-Award for Best PhD Thesis (University of Würzburg, Germany)
2006–2008   PhD Scholarship of the “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes”
2004/2005   Faculty-Award for Best Diploma in Chemistry (University of Würzburg)

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 Wichlab Alumni

PhD, Master


Benjamin Breitenbach Wichlab

Benjamin Breitenbach (Apr 2015 – Feb 2019)
PhD Student (Chemie)
Benjamin developed responsive polysaccharide macrosurfactants and nanoparticles

Ira Schmid Wichlab

Ira Schmid (May 2014 – Oct 2018)
PhD Student (Chemie)
Ira developed functional nano-systems and artificial enzyme mimics

Lydia Radia Wichlab Team member

Lydia Radi (Nov 2014 – May 2018)
PhD Student (Chemistry)
Lydia developed a new class of enzyme-based nanoparticles

Pia Winterwerber Wichlab

Pia Winterwerber (Oct 2017 – Mar 2018)
Master Student (Biomedizinische Chemie)
Pia developed protein-hybrid nanomaterials

Marie-Luise Frey Wichlab Team

Marie-Luise Frey (Jun 2016 – Dez 2016)
Master Student (Biomedizinische Chemie)
Marie developed polysaccharide-based nanomaterials

Matthias Fach

Matthias Fach (Nov 2012 – Dez 2016)
PhD Student (Pharmazie/Chemie)
Matthias developed a new class of protein-based nanoparticles

Denise Bamberger

Denise Bamberger (Jul 2012 – Sep 2016)
PhD Student (Pharmazie)
Denise developed sugar-based nanoparticle systems for the delivery of therapeutic drugs

Benjamin Breitenbach - Wichlab team member

Benjamin Breitenbach (Jun 2014 – Feb 2015)
Diploma Student (Biomedizinische Chemie)
Benjamin worked on the development of polysaccharide nanomaterials

Ira Schmid

Ira Schmid (Mar 2013 – Nov 2013)
Diploma Student (Biomedizinische Chemie)
Ira worked on the development of enzyme-like biopolymers

Ilaria Geremia Wichlab Uni Mainz

Ilaria Geremia (Mar 2014 – Sep 2014)
Research Fellow (Master in Medical Biotechnology, University of Trieste, Italy)
Ilaria worked on nano particulate biomaterials based on polysaccharides

Honours, Bachelor


Tino Mackiol Wichlab Team

Tino Mackiol (Mar 2017 – Jul 2017)
Bachelor Student (Biomedizinische Chemie)
Tino synthesized supramolecular enzyme-like structures

Bellinda Lantzberg

Bellinda Lantzberg (Sep 2016 – Nov 2016)
Bachelor Student (Biomedizinische Chemie)
Bellinda synthesized organic polyamines as artificial enzyme mimetics

Carina Ade Wichlab Team

Carina Ade (Nov 2015 – Jan 2016)
Bachelor Student (Biomedizinische Chemie)
Carina worked on the organic synthesis of biomimetic nano structures

Laura Mayer Wichlab Team

Laura Mayer (Apr 2015 – Jun 2015)
Bachelor Student (Biomedizinische Chemie)
Laura worked on various biotechnology methods to formulate novel nanoparticle systems

Ioanna Xenidou Wichlab

Ioanna Xenidou (Mar 2015 – May 2015)
Bachelor Student (Biomedizinische Chemie)
Ioanna did organic synthesis of biomimetic nano structures



Apr 2019    Jasmin Hörner (Pharmazie – Wahlpflichtpraktikum)
Oct 2017    Lea-Marie Vogt (Biomedizinische Chemie – Forschungsmodul)
Aug 2017    Max Scherger(Biomedizinische Chemie – Forschungsmodul)
Jul 2017    Pia Winterwerber (Biomedizinische Chemie – Forschungsmodul)
Sep 2016    Lukas Kaluza (Biomedizinische Chemie – Forschungsmodul)
Aug 2015    John Haupt (Biomedizinische Chemie – Forschungsmodul)


Jan 2015    Anne Hollerbach (Biomedizinische Chemie – Forschungsmodul)
Jun 2014    Nadine Kümmerer (Biomedizinische Chemie – Forschungsmodul)
Nov 2013    Johanna Simon (Biomedizinische Chemie – Forschungsmodul)
Nov 2013    Laura Besch (Biomedizinische Chemie – Forschungsmodul)
Mar 2013    Johannes Cremer (Pharmazie – Wahlpflichtpraktikum)
Mar 2013    Tobias Benkel (Pharmazie – Wahlpflichtpraktikum)

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Summer Group Outing 2017 – Canoeing on the river Lahn
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Summer Group Outing 2016 – Fussball Golf and Picnic
Wichlab summer group trip 2015
Summer 2015 – Group trip to the beautify rhine valley
Group Outing 2014 Wichlab
Summer Group Outing 2014 – minigolf and lasertag
Wichlab Christmas Weihnachten 2015
December 2014 – Christmas is in the air
Wichlab July 2013
Summer Group Outing 2013 – climbing park Wiesbaden

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