Benjamin was selected as one of 20 participants of the Leibniz Young Polymer Scientist Forum, organized by DWI and Evonik Industries in Aachen (June 28 – 29, 2018)

The two-day Leibniz Young Polymer Scientist Forum provides a forum to sharpen current scientific questions, to identify new challenges and to team up in order to tackle these challenges. The participants formed interdisciplinary teams and tackled a specific research challenge in one of the three main topics (Smart Polymers, Additive Manufacturing & Engineering, Biobased Polymers)

Benjamin was part the winning team that received the Evonik Young Scientist Award. Their project “Deligel” describes a nutraceutical, which releases several supplements specifically. Their system circumvents many problems of classic oral drug uptake and could be an option for people with swallowing difficulties.

Full press release can be found here:

Foto: Bettina Krieg, DWI

Benjamin Breitenbach DWI Leibniz Young Polymer Scientist Forum



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